Saturday, September 10, 2016

Chris Perguidi: The Lost Files

Chris Perguidi: Lost Files

I meant to publish this first interview with Chris Perguidi on my website at way back in April 2013, but, unfortunately, work and school put a hold on everything important like dance, art, music and comic books. 
Chris before Creepy Kofy on TV 20 
Allan before Creepy Kofy appearance on TV 20

Fortunately, I found the interview and it really is interesting to go back to a time when things were more innocent. It has been a trying year for Chris and I. It has been a year of disfigurement for both of us.

I was disfigured first about 4 months ago starting my last semester at San Jose State University. I was so shocked at what had happened to me that the first thing I tried to get a hold of was Chris. 

I found that he has always been like a brother to me. Just because he gets it! We dissect the styles of artists from Rob Liefeld to Jim Lee, not so much George Perez, because he’s more technically gratuitous than anyone of the genre, but there are quirks that many artists do that become their Achille’s heel. And we exploit these to the point where we can't stop ourselves from laughing, which I hope to detail in my first book on how to draw.

Or we would watch a segment on 20/20 after a grueling interaction with fans in the Los Angeles area while attending WonderCon and make funny comments on any new story we find. So while we were watching this story about kids who suffered from tourette’s syndrome, we wondered if we were suffering from it too and each would have a punchline that would have as laughing our asses off. Or the time when we were abducted by aliens but that’s another story…

There are many articles, newspapers and television stations talking about the PokemonGo! stabbings but Chris filmed a video and did an interview that would foretell this incident. Many years ago, Chris did a movie about augmented reality looking for Pokemon’s, check this out:

And this isn’t the first time Chris was stabbed. Check out my interview that was done around April of 2013 just a month before posting the video on youtube over here: