Sunday, August 21, 2016

At what stage in life lead me to this point in life...

A reenactment of what I had to do for a hour removing glue from the mannequin's left breast.

My goal since I was 7 was to become a comic book artist, be a songwriter and here I am, my hands on the the breast of a mannequin. I was LMAO. As tragic as life is… it certainly has its funny moments.

Kohl’s was shutting down its doors around Jackson and Mckee in San Jose, CA and they were selling its inventory. I was planning on getting a mannequin so I can have a better representation of my t-shirts with my own designs on them to sell on Ebay, etc. So my sister suggested I check out the place.
I almost smashed the mannequin unto the freezer. Again, a reenactment.

It was my first time at an inventory closeout. I didn’t even know deals could be had, but when you see store closing signs such as "must sell inventory"- Go for it! This mannequin caught my eye and the price of $45 sounded like a good deal. What do I know!
My first choice before seeing the other mannequins

The person in charge of inventory pricing etc. happened to be Madonna’s cousin on her mother’s side of the family. The Madonna reference came about when she started talking about Rochester, Michigan and, of course, I mentioned I was one of Madonna’s biggest fans to see if I can get a deal assuming she was one of those that loved Madonna as opposed to hating her.
Mannequin with arms. Too pricy for my budget.

As she started to talk about Rochester, Michigan, I was kind of glad I grew up in Northern California. I’m a little bit more street. Her mannerisms and the way she talked was kind of too middle class American and too posh for my taste. I wouldn't fit in Michigan.

She could only accept cash and the ATM next door wouldn't accept my debit card so I told her I'll be back in about half and hour. After getting the cash from the bank, I was rummaging through my backpack to see if I could find a business card as I was interested in a business position. I did find one, but the thought of working around snow killed that idea right away.

People had smiles on their faces as I carried the 2 mannequins I bought and metal stands to my car. The excitement of being able represent my t-shirt in the way it should quashed any shame or shyness I may have had . When I went home the sticker was on the left side of the mannequin’s breasts and I tried to remove it and when I did I started rubbing the excess glue. I was rubbing that stuff out with my fingers, when I started thinking at what point in life did I come to this? At which point?!? I just started LMAO.

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