Thursday, May 5, 2016

WEIF 2016 Day 2

Sorry I didn't do a Day 1. I was just really nervous about the event, not knowing what was up or what. And it was a busy day and I sort of had the flu, but you know this is a one in a lifetime opportunity.

From the ecofriendly notebook and pencil in the recyclable bag we were given, you could tell that WEIF was going to be different. What did I want to learn before going to the Forum? I do not know, I got here from doing an extra credit assignment by applying for a Scholarship for one of my environmental classes. 

Part of our duties in the Scholarship sponsored by Wells Fargo at Tesla Motors is to talk to the various participants in the industry. I’m a very shy person. I am really afraid of starting a conversation with strangers. Luckily, one of my classmates was talking to a venture capitalist and I introduced myself and asked him where he thought the industry was going. I figure I could talk to at least one person. He was very forthcoming about his observations about the solar industry and I was very receptive to it as I needed material for the..

Listen, I can’t concentrate, I just sat on this table minding my own business writing this blog when all of a sudden all kinds of people from the solar industry to energy brokerage company starts talking to me and you have to pretend like you know what they’re saying. What am I supposed to say? 

What did I learn? Well, the representatives from different sectors of the industry, different countries, different size, sex, etc. come together to network and it’s just fascinating!!! You know the business industry is probably the most non-exclusive sector I have ever seen. Absolutely, no conditions are given on what a person looks like, etc. People are here for business and business is color blind and contrary to the dog eat dog world we see around us, it’s quite different. That’s what I’ve learned thus far.

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